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You will be
an excellent pilot


Why choose CESDA?


At CESDA, we focus all our efforts on each student being able to develop their full potential and become trained as an excellent commercial pilot.

At CESDA, the student is at the centre of the entire organisation.
  • CESDA is the FIRST university centre in Europe to offer the COMMERCIAL AVIATION PILOT AND AIR OPERATIONS DEGREE.
  • The EASA license is recognised worldwide and the degree is valid for life.
  • The patrons of CESDA are the Government of Catalonia, Reus City Council, the COPAC and the URV.
  • CESDA is a SAFE and RELIABLE university centre because the Rego Foundation guarantees the completion of any year group that begins its studies.
  • Financing is available to suit you from the Banc Sabadell (progressive and for up to ten years) and from CaixaBank (for up to 8 years, with a 2-year grace period) as well as academic excellence prizes and grants from the Ministry of Education. CESDA allows registration fees to be paid in interest-free instalments, 2, 4 or 9 times per academic year.
  • Very high levels of professional placement:
    • The level of employment among CESDA students in the aviation sector is 91%.
    • This rate increases to 97% job placement for students who are among the 50% with the best academic record.
  • Every student is assigned a mentor for all the degree in order to obtain the maximum potential of the student.
  • CESDA has a CAREERS ASSISTANCE department which is in constant communication and negotiation with airlines and industry professionals.
  • Bilingual teaching in English and Spanish.
  • Included in the registration fee: a laptop computer, flight material and uniform.
  • CESDA is a university centre where everything is included on a single campus located next to Reus International Airport.
  • Modern facilities and aircraft. A safe international airport, with good weather conditions and little traffic. Radio aids for navigation and day and night flights.
  • Assignment of a tutor for studies + one hour of tutorial for each hour of class.
  • Flight instruction focused on airlines with SOM and 60 h MCC on A320 simulator.
  • The level of safety in the entire flight operation is much higher than in the majority of flight schools in Spain, based on a culture of generative safety derived from CESDA's philosophy of excellence.
  • All teaching staff at CESDA are graduates with an extensive background and experience.