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Career prospects


The agreement with VUELING establishes that in the selection processes of the company, there will be a preferential contract for the graduates of CESDA due to the high quality of the training processes.

In February 2022, a VOLOTEA pilot selection team carried out a selection process for 16 CESDA graduates at the center's facilities and it was a great success for all parties, Volotea, the graduates and CESDA.

If you train well at CESDA, the probability of finding a job as commercial pilot is close to 100%
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  • The level of professional employment among CESDA graduates in the aviation sector is more than 90%.
  • This rate increases to 97% for graduates that are among the 50% with the best academic record.
  • 100% of the 2016, 2017 and 2018 graduates have found a job in the aviation sector.

Those are excellent figures.However, our efforts are focused on improving them, reducing the average time our graduates take to find their first job and helping our pilots to find the best contracts.

All studies forecasting growth in the air transport sector suggest that it will double over the next 20 years. It will be necessary to employ 500,000 new pilots worldwide during this period.

Our Careers Department provides support for students graduating from CESDA to help them join the professional world.

This department is responsible for conducting market research, establishing relationships with the various agents in the air industry including government institutions, companies, airlines, professionals, etc., and maintaining constant communication and close links with the community of CESDA graduate pilots.

The Careers Department coordinates the 'CESDA Alumni' professional group, containing commercial pilots who have graduated from the centre, to exchange information and share professional experiences.

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