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Means of access


CESDA recommends completing the higher secondary education certificate in Sciences and Technology to take full advantage of your studies. However, this recommended profile does not restrict access for students with other types of higher secondary education certificate and/or from other means of access, as we take measures to ensure that students from other means of access have the appropriate level of scientific knowledge.

The means of access to the Official Commercial Aviation Pilot and Air Operations Degree are as follows:

  • Students who have passed the university access examination (PAU) and equivalents
  • Students holding the Vocational Training Higher Technician certificate and similar
  • Students with foreign qualifications
  • University graduates and similar
  • Students who have passed the entrance examination for people over 25 years old
The administration Office at the centre has all the necessary information.

Students must also pass the Personal Aptitude Tests, which assess their level of English language proficiency. Students who can provide accreditation of a level equivalent to B1 (Cambridge level PET) are exempt from taking the test.

Students also must pass the initial Class 1 medical examination for pilots at a specialised centre. Prospective students should contact one of the Spanish aeronautical medical centres certified by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to obtain this certificate between the preregistration period and registration.