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Preregistration and Registration Prospective Students


You can download the Preregistration and registration manual for the Commercial Aviation Pilot and Air Operations Degree via the following link.

After preregistration, and after the university place assignments have been published, a tutor will be assigned to each student admitted to CESDA who will guide them during the registration process and during their subsequent time at the Centre.

For any inquiry, please contact the Secretary's Office on 977 300 027 or here

This tutor will clarify any doubts and questions, arrange a visit to the centre, arrange registration and in short, deal with any other academic issue that may arise.

The Secretary's Office at the centre can make all the arrangements for you.

  • Registration Period for the Personal Aptitude Test for the Degree Course: from 18 to 19 September of 2024 at https://accesuniversitat.gencat.cat/. The Personal Aptitude Test will take place at our school on 20 of September of 2024 at 10h
  • Registration Period for our Degree Course studies: 27 September of 2024