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CESDA was the first university training centre for commercial aviation pilots to be established in Spain. It was created in 2001, as a result of impetus from the professional sphere, government bodies and the support of university institutions.

It is managed by the Rego Foundation, a non-profit foundation, which aims to run a centre for innovative aircraft pilot training based on the needs of today's society.

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Histroy of the CESDA origins

Nearly 30 years ago, in 1995, the Spanish Pilots Association (AEP) was led by a group of passionate commercial pilots committed to taking commercial aviation to new heights. They set two very ambitious goals: to create the "Official College of Commercial Aviation Pilots" (COPAC) and establish the "International University of Air and Space" (UIDAE) with the aim of educating the next generation of commercial pilots.

With a very clear mission, these pioneers commissioned the creation of study plans and embarked on a search for universities in Spain willing to join the ambitious UIDAE project. It was in the year 1997 when a delegation from the AEP presented the proposal in the council chamber of Reus, a city with a great aeronautical tradition, and it was very well received. The Rovira i Virgili University (URV) also welcomed the proposal with the intention of continuing to collaborate in this innovative project. However, it was agreed that a university training center would be established first as a preliminary step before creating the UIDAE.

Thus, in 1997, the Rego Foundation was born, a non-profit entity formed equally by the AEP and the Reus City Council, with the responsibility of creating and managing the "Higher Aviation Studies Center" (CESDA). It was not until the year 2000 that the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Rovira i Virgili University, and the Real Aeroclub de Reus joined the Rego Foundation. It was the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Reus City Council that provided the necessary funds to start the academic activities of CESDA in October 2001.

Since that moment, CESDA has worked tirelessly to consolidate its university proposal, offering the best training to its students and leading university education for commercial pilots in Spain with the degree in Commercial Aviation Pilot and Air Operations. And through this exciting journey, CESDA has left a lasting mark on the history of aviation in Spain and has become a leader center for the comercial pilots training. All of this began with the thought of young people who wanted to become pilots, and today CESDA continues with this spirit: "it is here to educate the youth".