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Flight Instructor Course FI(A)

The FI (A) flight instructor course is intended for professional pilots who want to specialise in aeronautical instruction. The course emphasises the theory learned in group work in classes and in flight on the right-hand side of the cabin. The theoretical part of the course can be validated for future accreditations and certificates as an instructor. As a new and exclusive feature for CESDA graduates, we offer the opportunity to take the flight instructor course with 500 hours of practical operations in which students act as radio operators.

Course content
Theoretical program 125 hours: teaching, phsychology and specialized instruction
Practices 20h SEP (with FI), 5 hours of time share flights and 5h FNPTII
Practical programme 500 practical hours of operations (This option is available exclusively to CESDA alumni)
Requirements for access to the course
At least 200 hours of flight time and completed the CPL theoretical knowledge exams or holding a CPL license
20h cross-country as PIC (including VFR cross-country of 540km)
Pass the entry flight test
Approximate duration of the course
10 weeks approximately

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