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Renewal of MEP class rating

This course is a refresher for the knowledge and provides practice for the skills necessary for pilots with an expired MEP (land) authorisation to regain reach the level of proficiency necessary to operate multi-engine piston (land) aircraft and achieve the level of proficiency necessary to update their license.

The contents of the course will be established by the HT at the centre. He/she will establish the appropriate programme depending on the candidate's experience, but it will never be less than: see section on course content.

Course content
0 to 3 months No contents
3 to 12 months 2 multi-engine flight hours
1 to 3 years 3 multi-engine flight hours
Requirements for access to the course
The applicant must hold a pilot's license with the MEP (land) rating expired
Approximate duration of the course
2 days

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